Sue can provide the following services:

  • Litigation support (handling all communications, including the media relations of court cases and disputes of all kinds, whether they go to court or not, usually working alongside the lawyers and in-house or external communications professionals) 
  • Devising and delivering campaigns 
  • Risk analysis and risk management processes 
  • Crisis communications of all kinds 
  • Training in presentation skills, rehearsal before public appearances and media handling coaching 
  • Perception audits and client satisfaction research 
  • Marketing, public relations and business development advice 
  • Internal and external change communications on mergers and restructuring 

Essentially Sue provides guidance on how to communicate most effectively to all the critical audiences at a challenging time.

If the work requires additional resources, Sue is able to recommend appropriately-skilled specialists with whom she regularly collaborates and has access to media training studios.

Some of the issues on which Sue has advised recently include:

  • Communications guidance to Governors of leading independent schools confronting highly sensitive issues 
  • Advice to chairman and MD of a major company undergoing ground-breaking competition law litigation
  • Counsel to family offices following divorce, tax and estate planning litigation and negotiation
  • Reputational defence and media handling support to Boards, senior management and individuals under-going unwanted media scrutiny, enforced departures, discrimination, criminal and civil claims
  • Handling all communications of a well-known charity going into liquidation, a top 10 law firm facing a negligence claim  
  • Undertaking a perception audit for a professional institution, assisting another with its diversity agenda
  • Recruiting a director for barristers’ chambers, preparing marketing and BD strategies
  • Coaching before Select Committee, conference keynote address and other presentation situations
  • Support through lengthy successful defamation claim against a major tabloid newspaper.

Sue’s clients (who cannot be named for reasons of confidentiality) include many of the major law firms, leading independent schools, international charities, household name celebrities, global companies, barristers’ chambers, Members of Parliament, charities, professional institutions, and less well-known businesses  and individuals. She can help raise the profile of an organisation, person  or issue, or work to keep them out of the public eye. She also mounted pro bono the campaign for Sally Clark, which helped achieve her ultimate release from wrongful imprisonment (