Media Relations for Lawyers, 2nd edition by Sue Stapely, published by the Law Society [2003 ISBN:1 85328 857 8] is available from 

Some comments from reviews:

‘If you want to be a gladiator in the media circus rather than someone’s lunch, this book is for you.’ [Legal Week]

‘It gives all the background anybody could possibly want in understanding and handling today’s media’ [Solicitors Journal]

‘To avoid looking like an idiot on national TV, reading this book is essential [The London Advocate]

‘If you only read one work-related book this year, read this one.  Sue Stapely communicates both articulately and entertainingly’ [Professional Marketing magazine]

‘Hands down, there is no one better equipped to write the definitive guide on media relations than Sue Stapely.  Considered THE woman to guide top business people, political leaders, celebrities and law firms through the sticky mire of handling the media in a crisis, Sue provides practical advice … her guide is required reading….’  [Mary Spillane, Imageworks]

‘This is a valuable handbook..’ [Walter Greenwood, Editor of McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists]

‘Sue Stapely was instrumental in turning the media around and getting them on our side – a Herculean effort’ [Steve Clark, husband of Sally Clark]

‘Ideal for anyone in the legal profession who is likely to come into contact with the media’ [Sarah Dickinson, Managing Director Electric Airwaves]